nuu miso story


Nuu (縫う) literally means ‘to sew’ and ‘to bring together’ in Japanese.

Nuu miso is a cheerful cooperative of three Japanese enthusiasts, Sachiyo, Hiro, Miku, and a Belgian enthusiast, Cyrille. We share our passion to promote recognition of Miso and Koji in Belgium through our cooking workshop, table d’hote, and soon with our original Miso in shop….

Miso is one of the most complex fermentations. It is composed of alcoholic, acetic, and lactic fermentations that occur throughout the seasons. Despite the growing interests in fermentation and healthy organic food, Miso remains unrecognized and underused in Belgium today. Our project has its roots in our joy of sharing knowledge, passion, and recipe of Miso and Koji.
In the beginning, Hiro, Miku, and Sachiyo, three Japanese artists based in Belgium, founded a cooperative and created a meeting place of Japanese and Western cultures through cultural and culinary activities.

In 2011, after the tragic events of the Tsunami in Japan, Hiro, Miku and Sachiyo grew interests in the Miso making in order to reconstruct more sustainable life and to rethink the nutrition that we eat today. The practical and hands-on process of the Miso making made sense to combine with their cultural activities. The production of artisanal Miso comes from their home culture. It is important for them to connect with their identity and roots while living in another culture. Simultaneously, sharing with broader multicultural audience is a way for them to break through any cultural barriers.

Having lived in Belgium, their perspectives about their home country were certainly modified. They operated in diverse networks. Hiro, Miku, and Sachiyo rediscovered their home tradition through a simple element, such as the fermented legume, while changing their point of view, and by observing it with hands-on activities and by living a life in the West.

Cyrille, from Brussels, fell in love with Tamari when he was a child and became a self-taught cook. He discovered a subtle depth of Miso which was very unique and kept his old dream; to create a small Miso factory in Belgium. For this interest, Cyrille visited the production workshops in the United States in 2011. He shared his passion for fermentation through various small classes and trainings. Having lived in Mexico for many years and having gone there to acquire knowledge of Mexican cuisine, he dreams of making an exotic hybridization with chipotle and miso, and other marriages of innovative lively flavors.

In 2021, Hiro, Miku, and Sachiyo met with Cyrille, and immediately they shared their passion for Miso. This additional magical encounter gave our project bright light and beautiful dynamism that made our adventure come true. Since the 1st of October, we are settled in the fully certified workshop located in the Abbatoir of Anderlecht. During the coming months, we will produce our belgo-belge Koji and Miso here.

*translated fr-en by Ari Hiroshige