Hiro Ojima

Born in Tokyo and is an artist trained in painting. She taught art workshops for children and adults since 2010 and is the founder and organizer of the non-profit organization Planète des Arts. Hiro studied contemporary dance and fine arts in Japan and obtained the degree of Art Therapy from HELB, Brussels, 2015.
For Hiro, art accompanies and strengthens her as a guide, and the art of Miso is therapeutic that weaves connections. She actively participates in life.
In her practice, she draws her inspiration from the traditional Japanese culture and transformes and adapts it in our contemporary life.
Her goal and passion are to connect people through the Miso and to improve people’s well-being and happiness through the nuu miso.

Cyrille Claeys Bouuaert

40-year-old Brussels resident who has fallen in the magic of Miso. He always dreamed of creating a worshop of Miso production.
A cook for the clients in Brussels, Belgium, and Europe, and has been active since the first hour.
As a big fan of the traditional conservation and processing technics, he promotes and shares his passion for fermentation since 2008.
In 2021, he joined the nuu miso team to make our shared dream come true!!

Miku Enomoto

Obtained the degree of Nutrition Science from Joshi Eiyo University, Tokyo, 1993. After arriving in Europe, she studied fashion design at Saint-Luc, Brussels, and shifted to textile design and contributed in numerous design markets. Miku presented her work in number of shops and, in recent years, developed artistic creations and exhibited in galleries and exhibition venues.
She is interested in the themes of well-being and health related to nutrition. She currently works at the cooperative « L’Eau Chaude (Het Warm Water) » which offers organic vegetarian menus at moderate prices.
Her goal is to connect her textile creation technics and her nutrition practices in the collective venues.

Sachiyo Honda

Obtained the degree of MFA in Traditional Japanese Painting from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, 1987, and the degree in Art Therapy from L’HELB, Brussels, 2014.
She also studied engraving at Atelier Contre Point, Paris, and at La Cambre, Brussels.
Sachiyo organises artistic tea ceremony in number of public and private venues since 2011 and makes homemade traditional Japanese pastries. In 2015, Sachiyo took part in the competition “Urban Food Brussls” and presented healthy eating, which was the beginning of her involvement with the food culture.
Sachiyo makes homemade Miso and experimental creative culinary and wants to share the good things from her discoveries.

*translated fr-en by Ari Hiroshige