Hiro Ojima
instagram: www.instagram.com/hiro.ojima/

Born in Tokyo. Painter at the base.
Experience in artistic animation of workshops for children and adults since 2010.
Founder and organizer of the asbl Planète des Arts.
Studies of contemporary dance and visual arts in Japan.
Graduated in Art Therapy at the HELB in Brussels, in 2015
For her, art is a guide, it accompanies and strengthens, so for Hiro Miso’s art is therapeutic, it weaves bonds. He actively participates in life.
In her practice, she draws on traditional Japanese culture, transforming and adapting it to our contemporary lives. Connecting people through Miso, and making people better and therefore happy is a goal, a passion, achievable through nuu miso.

Cyrille Claeys Bouuaert

40 years old, from Brussels, he fell in the magic of miso since a long time. He always dreamed to create a miso production workshop.
Cook for the Brussels, Belgian and European civil society, active from the beginning at the “beginning of the beans”.
Great fanatic of the traditional techniques of conservation and transformation.
He has been promoting and sharing his passion for fermentation since 2008.
In 2021 he joins the nuu miso team to make their common dream come true!

Miku Enomoto

Graduated from Joshi-Eiyo University in Tokyo in 1993 with a degree in dietetics.
Followed the courses of stylism in Saint-Luc, Brussels at the time of his arrival in Europe.
She turned to textile design and participated in many designer markets. His work was also offered in several stores.
Miku is developing a creative plastic work and has exhibited in various galleries and exhibition spaces in recent years. She is interested in wellness and health issues related to food. Currently, she works in a cooperative, “L’eau chaude”, which offers vegetarian and organic dishes at moderate prices. She is interested in linking textile creation techniques and practices around food, within collective places.

Sachiyo Honda

Master’s degree in traditional Japanese painting from Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1987
Graduated in Art Therapy at L’HELB in 2014.
Artist with varied creations: painting, illustrations, video creation, textile creations -hats, accessories, bags-.
With artist Saiko Maeda, they organize tea ceremonies in various public and private places and participate in Nuit Blanche, in Brussels, in 2011.
Sachiyo participated in the Urban Food Brussls competition in 2015, art and food are also of importance to her. It is about creation in both cases and taking an active part in life.
Sachiyo teaches Japanese painting, and is also involved in music creation. She is truly a versatile artist who works in various creative fields with passion.

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