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nuu miso, it’s only natural, organic and local ingredients

The ingredients of our misos are simple: leguminous plant, salt, and koji (Aspergillus Oryzae, a microscopic mushroom).
There are no additives. nuu miso also contributes to short circuits by privileging local raw materials and organic farming (our organic soybeans are grown in Belgium).
Miso fermentation combines alcoholic, acetic and lactic fermentation. This makes the nutritional composition of our miso much richer.

The particularity of our miso :
the variety of bacteria it contains. During the fermentation process, the miso is gradually enriched by the bacteria in the air. nuu miso is therefore a unique miso, made in Belgium!

nuu miso offers you live miso: a miso directly put in a jar without pasteurization, without additive, nor added alcohol.
Only a local workshop can provide fresh miso

That’s why our products must stay in the fridge, so that they sleep, but leave them alive!

Live miso has many benefits for physical health: it is a treasure containing many amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. By the richness of the bacteria it contains, it reinforces your intestinal flora. Moreover, in the manufacture of miso, there is (almost) no waste!

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Minimum order 30 € (without shipping costs)

We deliver to: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Next order closing: 8 December at midnight
Delivery: 12 December

Delivery: once a week (order closing: every Thursday, Delivery: every Monday, except on public holidays)
Delivery time (working days)
Belgium : 1-2 days
France : 2-3 days (Tuesday or Wednesday)
Germany : 1-2 days
Netherlands : 1-2 days
Luxembourg : 1-2 days
Switzerland : 2-3 days
United Kingdom : 3-4 days

As soon as the package arrives at your home, please put the misos in the fridge to keep them longer!

** For professionals

Order =
*We need your VAT number

Delivery costs:
In Brussels : 7€ /order
Outside Brussels: this will depend on the transport costs. More info
by email ( info
*InBelgium, from an order of 150€, the delivery is free!
*Outside Belgium, please contact us by email

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