Traditional japanese handcraft miso, made in Belgium

Fresh rice koji (No delivery, only pick up)

In limited sale! Only a local workshop (like nuu miso!) can offer fresh koji. It is a gas pedal of the maturation of vegetables, meats or fish, also the base of Shio koji and Shoyu koji.

Limited sale (up to 5kg)
The sale is open until May 5

Only come and pick up at nuu miso workspace
Tuesday, May 9: 2-4 p.m.
Either Friday, May 5: 16h-19h (during the open house)

Ingredients: IT* rice (99.5%), koji (Aspergillus oryzae)
*From organic farming

! Keep in the fridge !

Koji is a ferment derived from the mold of several ascomycetes (fungi) called Aspergillus Oryzae (Sojae, Awamori, etc.) and is only found and cultivated in Japan. It is the base of: sake, shochu, mirin, vinegar, tsukemono, amazake, shoyu and miso.
It is often used in the pharmacological field as well.
Koji itself is often used in Japanese cuisine as a condiment, or as a gas pedal for the fermentation of vegetables, meat or fish.

Our koji is made in Brussels, 100% artisanal with rice from Italy.
The nuu miso team lives with the koji, which does not sleep for 48 hours…
We take care of the koji from early morning (5am) to late evening (midnight), to regulate the temperature and humidity.
There is no magic to have the best koji!

On the label, there is the recipe for shio koji, and shoyu koji.

DLUO : 2 weeks in the fridge, 3 months in thefreezer.

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