Traditional japanese handcraft miso, made in Belgium

Cherry on the miso:
Become a cooperator before January 15 and receive a sample (100gr) of our (very first) young miso for every 250eur!

Hello !!

We are nuu miso, a cooperative organic miso factory in Brussels.

Happy team of 4 motivated people, we invite you to be part of our support community: become a cooperator, a participant, an actor of our project!

We need you to survive the long winter months, and during the fermentation of our miso…

We have been renting a workshop at the Abattoirs d’Anderlecht for 3 months now, where we are starting to produce miso. It will be a miso made of rice, chickpeas and lentils. As for the soya, it is organic and Belgian! Our organic certification is in progress. Thanks to the experience of Hiro, Miku and Sachiyo, all three of Japanese origin, and Cyrille, a Belgian enthusiast, our first experimental misos are out of our barrels… We are now going to produce every week one or two 100 liters barrels, in order to expand our range of young, semi-old and old miso! Our workshop is already equipped for production. But we still have some essentials to get: grinder/mixer, rice polisher to use 90% whole grain rice, dryer to produce dry koji, 24 lids for our 24 oak barrels!

Become a cooperator and receive our free miso basket for 10 years!

Why cooperative? To share our concept and know-how with more people.
Our wish is to make miso known in the living world, as much as possible. First in Belgium, then more widely, and to create a friendly and inter-cultural community around miso and koji.

Our live miso, artisanal, organic and local, will allow you to be more attentive to your health, to satisfy your curiosity of authentic flavors, while thinking about the daily food and the reduction of the consumption of industrial products. This by discovering a healthy product, with a natural transformation process thanks to micro-organisms beneficial to health.

Our cooperators will benefit from different proposals
by nuu miso: cooperative table d’hôte, tasting of innovative products not marketed, permanent discounts on our products, etc.
There are different formulas according to the expectations of each person.
(The formulas are named after the seven lucky gods that are part of the traditional culture:

Cooperators formulas

From 250€, you will receive 10% of the amount paid in kind (with our products) every year. From 500 euros you will be invited to the luxury meal by nuu miso team. It is through your support that our project evolves… Here are the different types of cooperators

  • a basket, worth 25eur will be a composition of our miso of the season, which will come out of the barrels at that time, but also unique experiments, not found on the continent, it will be between 4-5 products of +- 700gr of miso
  • A basket can also be offered or exchanged for a meal or a cooking class or a miso making workshop (3 baskets), it is a nuu miso unit!
  • a meal is a table d’hôte that we will organize several times a year, which will be an opportunity to get to know us, to visit our workshop, a convivial moment of exchange
  • it is a melting share, you receive benefits in kind for 10 years
  • you have questions or doubts >> at your disposal: cyrille at

You will have one nuu miso basket per year

You will have 2 baskets of nuu miso per year
+ an invitation to the cooperators’ meal

You will get 4 free baskets per year
+ 2 invitations to the cooperators’ meal

You will get 8 free baskets per year
+ 4 invitations for a large private meal.

You will get 20 free baskets per year
+ 10 invitations for a large private meal.

For those who prefer to become a cooperator in kind, we will need help at different times of the year, come and help us 4 half-days a year in exchange for your miso basket!

Hoteïson (布袋尊) : 100 € (Simple subscription formula)

It is a subscription formula of 4 baskets ‘nuu miso’ per year.
Each quarter, you will receive a basket worth 25 €, with our basic products, plus non-marketed and sometimes unique experimental products, and surprises!

Either you come and pick up your basket on a date proposed each quarter, or you will create a group of at least 10 people for free delivery

The time of arrival of the basket will depend on the state of fermentation of each miso and that of the other condiments.
It’s perfect for a gift!

For more information, please send an email to : cyrille at

For the moment, the 4 members of our team work 100% voluntarily for nuu miso.
Miso needs at least 4 to 5 months before it can be marketed. Standard miso needs even more time
(10 to 12 months). In the meantime, we have almost no income from our production.
We always need to equip our workshop to provide high quality miso.

This is why we are asking for your support to make this project sustainable!

Cyrille, Hiro, Miku, Sachiyo

We are NUUMISO, a cooperative and biological factory in Brussels!

Wij, een vrolijke vierkoppige bende gepassioneerd door Japanse keuken, willen een community rond ons project stichten en zijn op zoek naar coöperanten, deelnemers of actieve steunleden van ons project.

On 1 October we will be holding a workshop on the site of the Dutch Ministry of Culture. Our first miso-experiment was a success! We have to take care of the winter season and the long fermentation time of our miso.

We manage to produce for the market and have a small volume of up to two houten with 100 liter of miso for the ogen. To make the production process more efficient, we have a number of machines, such as a good mixer, a koji-droger and a rijstpolijster (because we can see the volume of the product). We also have the procedure for biocertification in place.
We all want to help you, onze fermentatieliefhebbers!

Word coöperant en maak daardoor ons project mogelijk. Als coöperant ontvangt u jaarlijkse interesten in de vorm van miso-manden en een of meerdere uitnodigingen voor onze jaarlijks coöperanten-dinner:
250 euro (1 mand/jaar)
500 euro (2 manden/jaar) + uitnodiging voor 1 gast
1000 euro (4 manden/jaar) + uitnodiging voor 2 gasten
2000 euro (8 manden/jaar) + uitnodiging voor 4 gasten
5000 euro (20 manden/jaar) + private-gastentafel voor 10 personen!

Een mand t.w.v. 25 euro bevat naast onze basismiso ook unieke miso-uitvoeringen.

u havevangt deze manden en gastentafels gedurend 10 jaar

Maak uw storting over op het rekeningnummer van
Cabra & Co:
BE 16 5230 4687 0374

en vermeld uw naam en e-mailadres

We also offer a 100 euro subscription. U ontvangt dan elk trimester een mand, wij vragen u dan wel om deze op een specifieke dag te komen ophalen. Organize a miso-club with at least a few members, then bring them to you!

Mensen die liever tijd dan geld willen investeren, kunnen ons in het atelier komen helpen en op die manier coöperant worden.

Als u voor de 15 januari (gellukig nieuwjaar) cooperant wordt sturen wij voor elke 250eur schijf een echantillon jonge miso van 100g naar u thuis!

Meer info: cyrille at

Bedankt en tot snel! Cyrille, Hiro, Miku, Sachiyo


We are nuu miso, an organic miso cooperative factory in Brussels. Happy and motivated nuu miso team of four invites you to join our Support Community:
Become cooperator, participant, and actor of our project!
We need you in our support community in order to survive the long winter months and for our miso fermentation…

Since October 1st, we have our workspace at the Brussels Abattoirs or slaughterhouse.
We are now starting the production of one or two barrels of 100 liters every week in order to expand our range of young, semi-aged and distinguished miso! Organic certification is in progress.
Thanks to the experience of Hiro, Miku and Sachiyo, and Cyrille, three Japanese and a passionate Belgian, our first experimental misos came out of the barrels…

Our workshop is already equipped, but we still need to buy some more professional expensive machines such as: grinder/mixer, rice polisher for 90% brown rice, dryer to produce dry koji, etc.

We offer your interests by nuu miso sneakers, and party/dinner with other cooperators.
Choose your contribution amount and receive baskets in interest in-kind.

250eur (1 basket/year)
500eur (2 sneakers/year) + meal.
1000eur (4 sneakers/a year) + meal.
2000eur (8 sneakers/year) + VIP meal 4 people.

5000eur (20 sneakers/year) + VIP meal 10 people.

a basket has a value of 25eur, its composed of a different blends of the season misos, together with unique experiments and discoveries unique on this continent! It is also a voucher, you can use to attend one of our cooking classes (75eur) or party/dinner!
For more information:
So you can invite friends or relatives if you go for more!

You can also make your bank transfer to the nuu miso’s account
Cabra & Co
BE 16 5230 4687 0374
with mention in the communication “Your surname, your first name & your email address”.

We also offer a yearly subscription plan of 100eur (4x 25eur sneakers every quarter) to be picked up from our workshop on a specific day, and a plan for a group of minimum 10 subscribers with a free delivery.

The baskets will contain a unique blend of our different misos some of which won’t be available through other channels.

Lastly, for those who prefer to become a cooperator in-kind, you can help us at different times of the year. Come and help us 4x half days a year in exchange of your miso basket.

For more information : cyrille at

Thank you and see you soon!
Cyrille, Hiro, Miku, Sachiyo








250eur (年に1個のぬう味噌Box)
500eur (年に2個のぬう味噌Box)+ 共同出資者合同ディナー
1000eur (年に4個のぬう味噌Box)+ 2人分の共同出資者合同ディナー
2000eur (年に8個のぬう味噌Box)+ 4人でのプライベートディナー
5000eur (年に20個のぬう味噌Box)+ 10人でのプライベートディナー




nuu miso
BE 16 5230 4687 0374


さらに、お金ではなく労働力としての出資も可能です!年に4回×半日分、味噌作りの作業のお手伝いをしていただきますと、ぬう味噌Box を一つお分けいたします。



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