Miso vivant traditionnel japonais, fabrication artisanal belge


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We deliver to: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom

nuu miso, it’s 100% handcrafted

We make our miso by hand, with a team that is always attentive to each stage of production: constant supervision from the inoculation of the koji (in 60 hours non-stop) to the fermentation (of 3 years or more)!
Plus, nuu miso revives traditional Japanese practice >> Fermentation of miso in wooden wine barrels. Our barrels will become increasingly enriched with good bacteria as they are used, giving the miso a special umami taste.
You will taste a unique miso, “worked” with European wine!


nuu miso products are BE-BIO-02 certified.
The EU organic label is mandatory for all packaged organic products in Europe. This label guarantees that production takes place in accordance with the strict rules of organic farming, processing and sales.

nuu miso recipies

Discover our recipes Japanese, or fusion, with our miso, and koji!

Come and experiment with making homemade miso, or Japanese cooking with miso, koji, and other Japanese fermented condiments.

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