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Miso Making Workshop

Coming workshops (11h-14h)
Saturday 6 novembre
Saturday 4 decembre

Au Japon, anciennement chaque foyer et chaque région avait sa recette originale de Miso.
La fabrication du Miso est une activité particulière car c’est une alimentation vivante incluant des procédés qui fluctuent selon les conditions de fabrication. Cela signifie que l’on va placer le Miso dans une pièce où il y aura des fluct

In Japan, every household and every region used to have its original Miso recipe.
Miso making is a special activity and is a living food made with fermentation processes which fluctuate with conditions of making.For example, we place Miso in a room where the temperature fluctuates and that influences our human life. Miso is also composed of bacteria that strengthen our intestinal flora, which means that living entities are also influenced.In our workshop, we will share our know-how and passion for Miso and Koji. Come join us and discover this fascinating universe and bring home your own Miso made by yourself!!

3-Hour Workshop with tasting and 1 kg of Miso to take home.
You will learn how to make home made Miso in our workshop with our professional team!!

* Workshop will be held with minimum 6 participants. We will confirm your schedule by email. Thank you! 

Japanese Cooking Workshop

Coming workshops (11h-14h)
Samedi 20 novembre
Samedi 18 decembre

You will discover Japanese dishes combined with contemporary continental cuisine.
We aime to create Japanese culinary workshop where we can taste flavours of our grandmothers’ traditional dishes.

For us, Japanese living in Belgium, it’s important to be able to exchange our diverse cultures.
We care about using fresh and quality products. We will show you the traditional and ancestral cooking methods that we know, such as fermentation method used by our grandmothers.

3-Hour Workshop includes the preparation of everyday Japanese dishes unique in Brussels, instructions by our professional team, and the tasting of the dishes together.

Planned schedule
Sunday 24 October
Sunday 7 November
Sunday 21 November
Sunday 5 December
Sunday 19 December

* Workshop will be held with minimum 6 participants. We will confirm your schedule by email. Thank you!

Tasting on site

You will discover all range of our products and our know-how of cooking and usage with our traditional and original suggestions!

Miso, Koji, shio-koji, shoyu-koji, ama-miso (sweetened salty Miso), soba-miso (Miso made with buckwheat seeds),
kurumi-miso (Miso made with walnuts), amazake (naturally sweetened beverage also used as seasoning), etc.